Links to My Other Sites

  1. My Facebook Page
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  3. My Goodreads Page
  4. My Tumblr
  5. Dreams of the Shining Horizon (and its Tumblr).  (And its Facebook page).  My old blog, with years of reviews, essays and other materials, which will be brought over here a little bit at a time.
  6. The TV Tropes pages for Hometown and The Truth of Rock and Roll – join the textual dissection, but heads up for spoilers and beware: TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life.


Recommended Outside Links

  1. Slacktivist.  For the best “What Not To Do” writing course on the Internet, plus news, views and inspiration.
  2. Sartorially Smart Heroines (and its Tumblr).  For a feminist analysis of female characters’ costumes, outfits, and armor – and an introduction to awesome female characters you might not have met otherwise.
  3. Aetherial Engines.  For marvelous stories.  Mostly fantasy romances, but some interesting and unique twists on other genres, too.