Welcome to Matthewkeville.com

Hello, all.  And Welcome to matthewkeville.com.  I know it looks a little plain right now, but we’re working on it.  There’s a solid foundation, a roof and four walls.  The furniture will come in due time.

In addition to announcements about releases and promotions, this blog will feature reviews, discussions of writing theory, short stories, and the occasional autobiographical moment.  Ideally, there’ll be a new post out every Thursday morning, but we’ll see what life has to say about that.

For those of you who know me from my old blog, Dreams of the Shining Horizon, you’re going to see some reprints at first, but I could hardly let all of that good old material go to waste, could I?  You’re also going to see a certain shift in focus – more of the literary, less of the personal and political.  Stick around anyway, I promise it’ll be worth the ride.