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Matthew Keville grew up in the small town of Camden, New York.  Asthmatic and afflicted with allergies that made playing outside a chore, Matthew came to love the stories instead.  He spent endless afternoons at the library and stayed up until late in the night reading.  And when he couldn’t find the story that he wanted anywhere in literature, TV or film?  He wrote it himself.  He completed his first novel (never published) by the time he was in ninth grade, and throughout high school regularly contributed stories and poems to the school newspaper.

Like everyone in Camden, Matthew grew up in the shadow of the copper wire mills.  You needed a dream to get out of Camden, and his dream was to be a writer.  He followed that dream to St. Lawrence University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English.

After graduating, he moved with his then-fiancée to Boston, then New York City.

They say that everyone in New York City is just waiting tables or driving a bus or working as a stockbroker until they can make it on Broadway, but that’s not entirely true.  Some are working in office jobs until they can make it as a writer.

(By the way, that Broadway thing? Sometimes, it really does happen. There’s this place at 51st and Broadway called Ellen’s Stardust Diner, whose gimmick is that the waitstaff all sing while you eat. Many of said waitstaff have worked on Broadway before and will again, and work at Ellen’s between gigs to keep their skills sharp – and because even when you’re living the dream, it probably won’t make you rich.)

During those years, he published fantasy and horror short stories in a variety of literary magazines and anthologies, including Aoife’s Kiss and the D.O.A. Extreme Horror Anthology.  In 2012, he  independently published his urban fantasy novella The Truth of Rock and Roll, a story of rock and roll magic; and in 2014 he published his magnum opus (to date) Hometown, a story of small-town horror.

Today, he continues to live in New York City and work an office job to keep body and soul together while he continues to produce new stories and hope to someday make it as a writer.